​Kim Boettcher

Member, Legal Services Council


 (14 October 2014 – 13 October 2020)

Ms Boettcher was called to the Bar in 2017 and is a Barrister at Chalfont Chambers in Sydney. She was previously a Solicitor practising in commercial and civil litigation law in England and Wales, New South Wales and Queensland. From 2010-2017, Kim was a Solicitor at the Seniors Rights Service, an independent legal centre in Sydney, which forms part of an Australian network of community legal centres. 

Kim has represented her legal centre at the United Nations in New York and has presented papers at international conferences on compliance with elder rights regulation and its relationship with consumer law and human rights. 

She was appointed to the NSW Minister for Fair Trading's Retirement Villages Advisory Council in 2013 and also to the Minister's Expert Committee on Retirement Villages Standard Contract Terms and Disclosure Documents in 2011.  Ms Boettcher is a member of the International Commission of Jurists Australia and the NSW Bar Association.