Consultation and Engagement

Bringing together community, client and legal practitioner perspectives is vital to the work of the Legal Services Council and the Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation. We consult with our stakeholders widely and regularly in carrying out our functions.

The Legal Services Council liaises with other jurisdictions to inform them about the Uniform Law and encourage them to join the scheme. This includes interstate visits and keeping Ministers informed about implementation of the Uniform Law.

Recent consultations

Accreditation of law courses and PLT providers

The Legal Services Council Admissions Committee (Committee) invites public comment on a draft Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rule (UAR) to be made in accordance with s 426(2) of the Uniform Law.

Currently, UAR 7 deals with accrediting law courses and practical legal training (PLT) providers. UAR 8 deals with monitoring and reviewing accredited law courses and PLT providers. These functions are performed by the admitting authorities (Boards) in each of NSW and Victoria.

The Committee notes that currently under UAR 7, the Boards' powers of accreditation and reaccreditation are inconsistent. For example, conditions may be imposed on accreditation but not on reaccreditation. Further, when determining whether a law course or PLT provider should be reaccredited, there is no obligation on the Boards to consider the recommendations of a reviewer of the law course or PLT provider.

The Committee's proposed amendments will make the Boards' powers the same for accreditation and reaccreditation by defining "accredit" to include "reaccredit", and by removing the words "reaccredit" and "reaccreditation" from UAR 7. In addition, inserting UAR 7(2)(a1) means that when determining whether a law course or PLT provider should be reaccredited, the Boards must take into account any relevant report by a reviewer.

The effect of the Committee's proposed amendments to UAR 8(1) is that the duty of the Boards to monitor and review law courses and PLT providers will be for the purposes of accreditation under UAR 7.

Changes to UARs 3 and 4 are necessary to support the substantive changes to UARs 7 and 8.

This Consultation Draft Rule was publically released for written submissions for a minimum period of 30 days in accordance with s 426(3)(b) of the Uniform Law. 

Submissions closed on Friday 15 February 2019.

Consultative forums

Consultative forums which are rotated between States and Territories that have joined the Uniform Law scheme, provide:

  • a sounding board for the Council, the Commissioner and other key bodies to help inform how they exercise their functions, and
  • an opportunity to share information and ideas, explore issues about the Uniform Law and network with a broad group of participants.

The inaugural forum was held in Sydney on 20 November 2015 and three more have been held since then.

Email us at lsc@legalservicescouncil.org.au to register your early interest in future forums.

How to provide feedback

Submissions and feedback should be forwarded to:

There is no set format for making written submissions to the Council and they need not be formal documents. Electronic submissions in Microsoft Word (.docx) format are preferred.

Submissions may be published on the Legal Services Council website, unless the information is provided in confidence. If you would prefer for all or part of your submission not to be published please clearly mark the material 'IN CONFIDENCE'. 

If you have any questions or would like to provide comments in an alternative format please contact the Legal Services Council's secretariat on phone (02) 9692 1300.

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us through the National Relay Service. For more information, visit: www.relayservice.gov.au.