​End of year message from Dale Boucher

Issued: 21 December 2015

2015 has been a busy year for the legal profession in Victoria and NSW for the LSC and me as Commissioner. We began the year with the consultation process being on foot for all of the rules that would need to be made under the Uniform Law. Mid-year, on 1 July 2015, saw the Uniform Law and those rules commence. We end the year with much progress having been made.

On only a few occasions has it been desirable for minor changes to be made to the Rules. These have now been published, the most recent being a change to rule 7 concerning supervised legal practice.

The Council and I are continuing to work with stakeholders to consider the need for other changes, including in relation to costs disclosure.  Costs disclosure is not a new topic for the legal profession.  I feel confident that as we go forward, the underlying objectives of the Uniform Law, including that clients should be able to make informed choices about the services they access and the costs involved will continue to be served.

It is exciting to be involved in this enterprise, which offers so much for the profession and the community it serves.  It is good to know also that this is a co-regulatory journey and to have the support of key stakeholders.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their work in bringing the Uniform Law into being and wish everyone the compliments of the season.


Dale Boucher
Chief Executive Officer | Legal Services Council
Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation