​New External Examiners Course approved

Date issued: Monday, 19 December 2016

A revised Course of Education for External Examiners of the Trust Records of Law Practices, Barristers and Approved Clerks (External Examiners Course) was approved on 5 December by the Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation and CEO under delegated power of the Legal Services Council as required under rule 65 of the Uniform General Rules and is effective for five years.

The one-day course was prepared in consultation with the DLRA's and their delegates in Victoria and New South Wales and consists of a course manual, PowerPoint slides, assessment questions and an evaluation form.

Rule 65 in the Uniform General Rules requires the LSC to approve a course of education for external examiners from time to time.  The LSC will fully review the current course in five years' time and may approve changes to the course before that time, if necessary. The assessment questions are subject to review and approval by LSC annually.

For more information or to undertake the External Examiners Course, please contact the Law​ Society of NSW​, the Law Institute of Victoria​ or the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner.​

External Examiners Course Description and Instrument [PDF, 339KB]