Annual Reports for Legal Services Council and Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation 2016-2017


Our 2016-2017 Annual Reports are now available on our Publications page.

Inside, you will find progress reports regarding the Uniform Law, which has been in operation for more than two years.

Compared with the previous Legal Profession Acts and Regulations, the Uniform Law offers a faster and a less complex rule making and amendment process. Dispute resolution processes are also better, with more flexible remedies available for the benefit of consumers and law practices alike.  The Uniform Law has also demonstrated an ability to respond more quickly and in a more coherent manner to a range policy issues facing the legal profession.

In a busy year marked by consolidation and planning, some highlights include:

  • Important statistics from the first nationwide legal consumer survey on legal costs undertaken in Australia;
  • Working towards a Uniform Law data sharing initiative and a Uniform Law Library within AustLII;
  • A new course of education developed for External Examiners of legal trust money;
  • An independent expert engaged to investigate Managed Investment Schemes and their implications under the Uniform Law, and
  • Comparative analysis of complaints and disciplinary data between NSW and Victoria.

If you would like a hard copy of the Annual Reports, please contact the Legal Services Council on 02 8293 9500 or