LSC office opening function

Date issued: 19 March 2019

Local DLRAs and other key stakeholders were treated to an afternoon tea to celebrate our new home in the NSW Public Trustee Building on 7 March. The office warming event was a chance for guests to meet members of the LSC Council, the WA Solicitor General, who had joined the meeting as an observer, and members of the Admissions Committee, as well as the Secretariat.

LSC Chair, Michael Black AC QC, warmly welcomed our guests and introduced the Council members present: Bret Walker SC; Steven Stevens, Melbourne based solicitor; Kim Boettcher, Sydney barrister and Joshua Thomson SC, Solicitor General for Western Australia. Our Chair also acknowledged fellow guests, the Chair of the LSC's Admissions Committee, the Hon Acting Justice Arthur Emmett AO and members, the Hon Ruth McColl AO and Stuart Clark AM.

The event was a great opportunity to mark the Secretariat's office move to O'Connell Street, and also to celebrate the joint announcement by the Attorneys General of NSW, Victoria and Western Australia about WA joining the UL Scheme. In his remarks the Chair emphasised the significance of this milestone in the expansion of the coverage of the Uniform Law and in the development of a nationally regulated legal profession.

LSC CEO and Commissioner, Megan Pitt thanked guests for their collegiality, collaboration and goodwill in supporting the LSC and its  work, and for their valuable individual and organisational contributions to the operation and development of the Uniform Law.

Amongst the guests present were representatives from UL DLRAs: the NSW Law Society; NSW Office of Legal Services Commissioner; NSW Bar Association; and the NSW & Victoria Legal Admissions Boards. Other stakeholders included the NSW Department of Justice, NSW Supreme Court, NSW Parliamentary Counsel's Office, NSW Audit Office; Law Council of Australia; Australian Bar Association, AustLII and our landlord, the NSW Trustee & Guardian.


With thanks to Thomas Sulkiewicz for the photography.