Our Annual Reports 2017-2018 now available

Date issued: 19 February 2019

Following tabling in both the New South Wales and Victorian Parliaments, our 2017-2018 Annual Reports for the Legal Services Council and the Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation are now available on our Publications page.

Inside, you will find progress reports and comparative data regarding the Uniform Law, which has been in operation in NSW and Victoria for more than three years.

The Uniform Law establishes a single legal services market for participating States and Territories based on a uniform regulatory framework which currently covers more than 70 per cent of Australian lawyers.

Highlights of the 2017-18 year include:

  • Convening the first Uniform Law Strategic Roundtables and Summit with designated local regulatory authorities in both states to discuss the operation of the Uniform Law and set a strategic direction for the future.

  • Amendments to the Legal Profession Uniform Rules regarding Managed Investment Schemes which commenced on 1 July 2018. The new rules relate to the promotion and operation of mortgage practices and other managed investment schemes. They also affect the provision of legal services in connection with mortgage practices.

  • Harmonisation of the trust account reporting year. From 1 January 2018 an external examiner must give a written report of an examination to the designated local regulatory authority by 31 May each year. This reporting date now aligns with reporting timeframes in all other Australian jurisdictions.

  • Illustrating the Uniform Law process. The LSC developed a series of flowcharts to illustrate the steps involved in amending the Uniform Law and rules under the Uniform Law.

  • Building on the Uniform Law Database. During the reporting year Chapter 2 data relating to Admission of lawyers was added to Chapter 5 Complaints data provided by regulatory authorities to provide comparisons between the reporting years and to observe emerging trends.

If you would like a hard copy of the Annual Reports, please contact the Legal Services Council on 02 9692 1300 or email us at: lsc@legalservicescouncil.org.au.