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Together, the Legal Services Council (LSC) and Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation oversee the operation of the Legal Profession Uniform Law scheme.

The LSC sets the rules and policy to underpin the Uniform Law, ensuring it is applied consistently across participating States. The Commissioner oversees the dispute resolution and compliance functions.

The LSC's work is overseen by a Standing Committee, which comprises the Attorneys General of jurisdictions participating in the scheme, currently NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

An Admissions Committee appointed by the LSC develops the Admission Rules used by local admission boards and advises the Council on admissions policy. 

The web accessible diagram below illustrates the 'Roles of Bodies under the Legal Profession Uniform Law', including the roles of the LSC, the Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation and their reporting relationship with the Standing Committee.

This diagram also includes the designated local regulatory authorities (DLRAs) responsible for regulation of the legal profession in the following areas:  Admission; Registration; Trust Accounts; Compliance Audits and Management Systems Directions; and, Chapter 5 Consumer Complaints, Dispute Resolution and Professional Discipline.  Also listed are the Courts and Tribunals which are the final arbiters for matters referred by the relevant DLRAs.

Roles of Bodies under the Legal Profession Uniform Law [PDF, 86 KB]