​Megan Pitt

Since 2017, Megan Pitt has occupied the dual roles of CEO of the Legal Services Council and Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation. As CEO, Megan assists the Council and its Admissions Committee to administer the Uniform Law and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Council and the Secretariat. As Commissioner, Megan is responsible for raising awareness of and prompting compliance with the Uniform Law and Rules. This also involves monitoring and reviewing the dispute resolution and professional discipline functions in Chapter 5 of the Uniform Law, to encourage consistency across participating jurisdictions.

Prior to her appointment, Megan led the Sydney office of the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS) as its Director for over 20 years. As a lawyer of 38 years standing, Megan has a strong background in Commonwealth litigation and legal practice management. In her former role, she was responsible for the leadership, management and business development of AGS Sydney and has worked closely with many in-house lawyers and clients across Australia.

Megan has been the national manager of AGS' pro-bono practice and convenor of AGS' national network of the General Counsel of Corporate Commonwealth Entities. As Chair of the Australian Government Leadership Network (NSW), She has worked with Commonwealth agencies to provide leadership development opportunities for employees, and to link Commonwealth agencies together in NSW.