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Australian Legal Profession Register

This Register can be used to find information about Australian legal practitioners - solicitors and barristers - in Uniform Law jurisdictions (currently NSW and Victoria).

The State or Territory displayed is the jurisdiction in which the practising certificate has been issued but this does not necessarily reflect the principal place of practice of the legal practitioner.

If you require further details of any legal practitioner, or are unable to find details of a practitioner, please contact the relevant local regulatory authority listed below.

The Law Society of NSW​
(02) 9926 0156​
NSW​Barrister​The NSW Bar Association​
(02) 9232 4055​
Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner​ ​​(03) 9679 8001​
Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner​ ​​(03) 9679 8001​

Registers of Disciplinary Action 

For information about disciplinary action against lawyers in Uniform Law States, you may search the Registers of Disciplinary Action in NSW and Victoria.

Viewing the Australian Legal Profession Register

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