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The Legal Services Council and Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation are committed to making open access information publicly available and providing resources for legal practitioners, law practices and consumers.

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Information Sheets

Information Sheets for legal practitioners, law practices and consumers about key aspects of the Uniform Law and Uniform Rules:

Uniform Rules

All Uniform Rules are published on the NSW legislation website. You can access the Rules directly via the NSW legislation website using the links below:

Guidelines and Directions

For Guidelines and Directions issued by the Council and the Commissioner to the local regulatory authorities about the exercise of their functions, refer to 'Uniform Framework' on the main menu bar of our home page.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports outlining both the Legal Services Council's and the Commissioner's achievements for each financial year and  the Council and Commissioner's financial statements:







Other publications

Discussion Papers, research documents, reports on consultations and projects and LSC articles in the media:

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