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​Designated L​ocal Regulatory Authorities

​​​​​Delegation Registers

The Uniform Law requires each of the local regulatory authorities in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia to maintain a publicly available register of delegations which must contain a copy of all the instruments of delegation. The Legal Services Council (LSC) is required to ensure that a current version of each register is publicly available at all reasonable times. A link to each of the registers is listed below and will be updated upon notification to the LSC as delegations are amended or new delegations issued.  This register will be reviewed by the LSC at least annually.  If you notice that a link is not working, please email

Designated Local Regulatory Authorities' Registers of Delegations [PDF 138 KB]

Delegations registers are also available:

​​​​​External Examiners Registers

New rule 65A of the Uniform General Rules empowers the designated local regulatory authorities to disqualify certain persons on reasonable grounds. The rule also ensures that procedural fairness applies to persons who are subject to proposed disqualification. The rule seeks to advance the objective of ensuring that appropriate safeguards are in place to uphold the integrity of legal services.

As an additional measure, the LSC issued a Direction to the designated local regulatory authorities in NSW and Victoria to maintain Public Registers of eligible EEs. The links to these registers can be found below.

Public Registers of External Examiners