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Uniform Framework

The Legal Profession Uniform Framework provides the regulatory arrangements for the legal profession, including:

  • admission to the Australian legal profession
  • legal practice
  • business practice and professional conduct
  • legal costs between a legal practitioner and their client
  • dispute resolution and professional discipline
  • functions and powers of the Legal Services Council, the Commissioner and local authorities, and
  • one set of rules for the seamless provision of legal services.

The Framework is designed to be applied by any Australian State or Territory to establish a common legal services market. Other jurisdictions are encouraged to join the scheme and will be able to do so without the need for changes to the scheme.

The diagram below shows how the Legal Profession Uniform Framework was developed and the regulatory authorities responsible for application of the legislation.

Legal Profession Uniform Framework Information Sheet [PDF, 303kb]​

Legal Profession Uniform Framework C​hart [PDF, 101KB]