​Uniform Rules

Uniform Rules provide the Uniform Law's underpinning operational detail. While the Legal Services Council makes all Uniform Rules, responsibility for developing rules is divided between different bodies.

General Rules

The Legal Services Council can develop and make rules about anything that is necessary to give effect to the Uniform Law. These are called General Rules and contain much of the detail about practising certificates, trust money, trust accounts and billing.

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Admission Rules

The Admission Rules set out the qualifications for admission to the legal profession. Admission Rules are developed by the Admissions Committee.

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Conduct, continuing professional development and legal practice

The following rules are developed by the Law Council of Australia and Australian Bar Association for solicitors and barristers respectively:

  • Legal Practice Rules (solicitors) - may provide for any aspect of legal practice.
  • Legal Profession Uniform Conduct Rules – set out conduct rules for solicitors, including Australian-registered foreign lawyers, and barristers, governing their fundamental duties as legal practitioners.
  • Continuing Professional Development Rules - set out the minimum requirements for continuing professional development for solicitors and barristers.